Davida Helmets - Colourways and Sizing

Davida Helmet Sizing
The sizing options for Davida helmets differ slightly from that other helmet manufacturers as they have used anthropometric data and the latest computer aided design thechnology to produce a well proportioned helmet to fit a wide range of head sizes. There are four different Davida helmets types, the Jet, Speedster, 92 and Classic. The Jet helmets have three different shell sizes and three different liner sizes to give a good range of sizes from XS to XXL. They are designed to be a snug a fit as possible to reduce wind noise and lift at high speeds. The shell sizes and liners differ slightly from helmet type to helmet type so please use the chart below to select the correct size Davida helmet for you. Simply measure the circumference of your head above your ears and around the forehead for the most accurate sizing.


Davida Sizing Chart

Davida Colourways
The standard range of Davida helmets are available in over 70 different colourways. We have only listed a limited selection of colours as individual products but please be aware that you can get any Davida helmet type (Jet, Speedster, 92 and Classic) in any of these colourways. There are four catagories of colourways, Standard, Two Tone, Complex and Cosmic Candy. Just select the helmet type you want with the colourway catagory that your chosen colour falls into and choose your prefered colour from the dropdown menu. To give you an idea of what's available we have listed the complete range below (please note these are all Jet helmets) so you can choose the colourway that you like. As all Davida helmets are hand-painted they also offer a bespoke painting service so you can have your own unique design in the colours of your choice. If this appeals to you, please contact us for more information.

Painting Davida Helmets


Davida Standard Colours

Davida Two Tone Colours

Davida COMPLEX Colours

Davida Cosmic Candy Colours