Posted 10th February, 2017

An Interview With Warren Heir - Co-Founder Of The Mama Tried Show

The Mama Tried Show Weekend, presented by Harley Davidson, is held in Milwaukee on the 17th-19th February and includes the Mama Tried Show, Flat Out Friday and Slippery Sunday. Flat Out Friday is an indoor flat track race where riders go bar-to-bar on a Dr. pepper syrup soaked track, Slippery Sunday is an ice race hosted in downtown Milwaukee. Surrounded by ice and snow, you’d be forgiven for thinking that it’s a little bit crazy to think about hosting a motorcycle show in the American Mid-West in Winter. You may even want to ask a questions about the organiser’s sanity. So we did.

Could you tell us a brief history of how Jr’s Cycles and the Mama Tried Show came to be?
Scott of Fuel Cafe had been asking me to host a Motorcycle show for a few years. I kept telling him to get fucked. I was so jaded when it came to motorcycle shows. Same old stuff; lots of beaded jeans, fake tattoo arm sleeve vendors and lame bikes. The short of it is that he convinced me to do it under the premise that we could make it our own show; invite cool bikes, no ‘show ups’, vendors with quality goods and the ability to set a ‘vibe’ - and away we went.

How is the Milwaukwee and Mid-Western custom bike scene? Where is good to hit up?
The Mid-West custom bikes scene is fantastic! Lots of people beating to their own drums. Not just trying to put together the same old bike. Lots of new and old completion bikes as well. Rodsmith and Analog in Chicago, Majik Mike here in Wisconsin or Church of Choppers in Iowa. So many different flavors to choose from.Mama Built Race Team

What can we expect from your show?
A wide variety of motorcycle and people. From race to chopper and weird to stock.

When the idea first formed of organising the Mama Tried Show, did you have expectations of how it’d work out?
We were thinking that it would take a few years to get it off the ground. We were wrong.

The Mama Tried Show promotes 'Slippery Sunday' which I understand is an ice race, something I’ve personally never seen at a bike show. Can you tell us a little more about this?
The race will be held at McKinley Marina which is in downtown Milwaukee roughly a mile away from the Show. We are planning a short 4-class AMA sanctioned race to give out-of-towners a taste of what an ice race looks like. Along with a free-ride after the race where a run what you bring type atmosphere will ensue.

You specialise in customising classic Harleys, what is it about working on these motorcycles that you enjoy most?
I really enjoy bringing them back from the dead. Taking a pile of parts which hunted down myself and turning them into a bike. Each part has a story. Gives the bike soul.Flat Track Racing On Dr Pepper

How do you go about designing and starting each build?
Usually there will be one or two parts will spark my interest and give a direction.

Is it difficult to work in the motorcycle business when your riding season is affected by such harsh winters?
Nah. Gives us time to build more bikes as well as fix the ones we ride. When the winters drag on it gets a little difficult. But we have the ice to ride on. So we can get our fix there as well.

If you could build a bike a for any one person in the World, who and what would it be and why?
I would say my son Max. He is only three at this point, but I cannot wait to build him a bike so we can ride together on a cross country trip. Hopefully he will be into something like that. It's gonna be a while though.Warren Juniors Harley Build

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