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Changing Your Bike's Handlebars

Changing the handlebars on a motorcycle can have a big impact on the way the bike looks but also how it feels when you drive it, so changing from the stock bars to something you are more comfortable with can make you a much more confident rider. This change can range from being a relatively quick...

Motorcycle Customising 101

The custom motorcycle world is growing exponentially at the moment. You only need to poke your head through the doors at any big European Motorcycle Show or maybe pop down to your local biker haunt on a Sunday morning to see that countless riders are now looking to either trade in their sportsbike...

Product Reviews from The Cafe Racer Staff

The guys here always like to enthuse about their favourite pieces of gear so we thought we'd give them a chance! Check out their selections below, we'll keep adding to this as time goes on and when new exciting products come in. These are honest reviews by the staff who have purchased and ridden with...