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TCR’s Tarot Deck: Predictions For The Year Ahead, Pt. 1

Over the past year or so, we’ve seen a big rise in the popularity of getting lost. I don’t know if people are just getting the jump on the Mad Max turn the world seems to be taking, but leaving the WiFi behind has never been so appealing...

Tool Rolls: It's All In The Filling

We stock some quite brilliant tool rolls at The Cafe Racer, and they make for perfect finishing touches on any custom or shed build. Beyond that though, they are as practical as they are aesthetically pleasing (particularly when the factory tool kit compartment has been culled from your bike)...

Changing Your Bike's Handlebars

Changing the handlebars on a motorcycle can have a big impact on the way the bike looks but also how it feels when you drive it, so changing from the stock bars to something you are more comfortable with can make you a much more confident rider. This change can range from being a relatively quick...