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From open-face vintage style to retro-inspired full-face lids, we've got a huge range of motorcycle helmets to choose from. You'll find top brands like Shoei, Bell, and Hedon here, as well as some awesome curated European brands such as Nexx, DMD, and Roeg.


Do you choose a leather jacket or a waxed cotton jacket for riding? It's an age-old debate, and honestly, there's not a simple answer. Here you'll find a huge range of Belstaff, Fuel Motorcycles, Helstons, Rokker, Richa, and Age of Glory to name a few


Motorcycle jeans have come a long way since they first mixed denim and armour over 20 years ago, and there are some excellent options out there. John Doe, Resurgence, and Fuel Motorcycles are always top sellers, but there's a huge range of awesome armoured trousers to choose from.


Gloves are one of the most important aspects of motorcycle protection. You use your controls through your gloves, so a good set is a must. Good news, we've got the best in the business. Here you'll find Fuel Motorcycles, Garibaldi, and Biltwell to name just a few.


We hold a huge range of styles when it comes to motorcycle footwear. Whether you're after a traditional boot, or a protective trainer style option, we'll have something for you. Check out TCX, Stylmartin, and John Doe if you want to see our personal favourites.


Bring your love of motorcycles with you when you get off the bike with our range of casual wear. We've got top brands such as Deus Ex Machina, Triumph, Carhartt, Dickies, and Kytone.


A section of the finest motorcycle gear, curated by our customers. Check out what's hot right now!


Choose from our favourite pieces, tried and tested by staff at The Cafe Racer. We're constantly looking for awesome new gear, and we love getting stuck in and trying out the latest and greatest the motorcycle industry has to offer.


We love to give you great deals and discounts at The Cafe Racer. In here you'll find all our discounted items from gloves to helmets, shoes to jackets and everything in-between