Five Lockdown Activities for Motorcyclists

Five Lockdown Activities for Motorcyclists

It’s not easy to leave the bike in the garage, especially as the weather continues to improve. We’ve put together some ideas to keep you busy until we can all get back out on two wheels!

1. Watch a Motorcycle Movie

There are a whole host of motorcycle movie classics that have shaped the history of motorcycling and helped forge the iconography we know and love. The Greasy Hands Preachers, a film about the renaissance of manual, hand crafted, labour that is involved in the making of motorcycles is currently available to stream for free. Supported by Belstaff and BMW Motorrad the film, which boasts Orlando Bloom as an executive producer, documents the start of the cafe racer and custom scene revival! Other notable works to check out include Oil In The Blood - a film about motorcycle communities, The Wild One - where Marlon Brando plays the iconic motorcycle rebel, The Great Escape - is there a more iconic movie bike?, 21 Days under the Sky - a raw adventure across america on vintage choppers, Halfway to Nowhere - a film by the late great Timo Tigerblood. There are hundreds of films to get your motorcycle fix!

The Greasy hands preachers now streaming for free
2. General Bike Maintenance

Even if you don’t consider yourself mechanically inclined, working on motorcycles is much easier that you think. With all the information available to you on YouTube you can even have a step by step guide, more often than not you can even find a bike specific video! With your bike off the road for a while now is the perfect time to complete some general bike maintenance. Change your oil, clean and re-lube your chain, check your tire pressure, check your oil and brake fluid levels. Start small and you’ll be feeling confident with a spanner in your hand in no time. Successfully working on a motorcycle has to be one of the most rewarding things to do during lockdown!

Changing your motorcycle oil
3. Clean Your Bike

Continuing with the TLC, now is the perfect time to give your bike a proper wash, you may even go as far as detailing your pride and joy. You can’t go wrong with MUC-OFF products, they make everything from shampoo to wax to chain lube. Once you have washed your bike, coat it with some ACF-50 to protect it from corrosion.

MUC-OFF Motorcycle cleaning products
4. Plan Your Next Adventure

It can be hard to think about all of the amazing places we could be riding right now but don’t let that stop you from preparing your next great adventure! Take some time to research the best roads in the world and make sure you have an ultimate road trip planned for the next time you can get out on your motorcycle. Whether you want to see more of your home country or travel abroad, there are so many amazing things to see and roads to ride. There’s no harm in being prepared and a little day dreaming never hurt anyone!

best roads to ride motorcycles 2020 roadtrip
5. Clean And Maintain Your Gear

Cleaning and maintaining your protective motorcycle clothing is arguably as important as cleaning your bike. Give your lid some loving with a Helmet Care Kit and replace that scratched up old visor. Why not take the time to re-wax your wax cotton jacket? If you’re washing your motorcycle jacket or jeans you could use NikWax to waterproof them. Take care when washing protective garments and always follow the manufacturer instructions. If you look after your gear it will last a lifetime! 

how to clean motorcycle clothing