Beeline Moto Smart Motorcycle Navigation Device

Beeline Moto Smart Motorcycle Navigation Device

You may have seen us posting about the Beeline Moto in recent days, we are very excited to be stocking it. Beeline Moto is a smart navigation device perfect for those who don’t want a bulky Sat-Nav and don’t want to damage their phone by strapping it to their bike. Beeline perfectly distills the core information you need to get where you need to go. Not only this but the app allows you to plot custom routes using waypoints and more. 

In this blog we are going to focus on how the Beeline Moto works.

The Beeline Moto device needs to pair to your phone using bluetooth as it uses your phone's GPS to navigate. The app allows you to enter a destination and hit go or plot an in depth route with multiple waypoints. If you prefer to create routes in another app, or have been sent a route by a riding buddy, the app also accepts GPX imports. You can then save these routes for later or use them straight away. Once you’ve plotted a route and either hit ‘go’ or saved it for later you no longer need 4G or wifi connectivity, which is awesome for saving on data or travelling in remote places! If you do choose to keep your data turned on you have the added benefit of auto rerouting when you make a wrong turn, which is not available offline.

beeline moto mounted on a royal enfield himalayan
beeline moto app

The Beeline Moto is fully waterproof and rated to IP67 standards. It is also shockproof and dust proof making it totally ready for any adventure. The device is charged via a USB connector, which is included with the product, along with a universal strap mount and a modular sticky pad mount so you have all you need to get started - no matter what bike you have. USB charging is very convenient, It means you can charge it from a power bank or even from your bike, if you have a USB output. Either way, charging shouldn’t be an issue due to the 30 hour battery life of the Beeline Moto. We have also found that the Beeline app uses significantly less battery life on your phone than something like Google Maps, mainly because you do not need to use the screen.

Beeline moto explained diagram

The Beeline is very simple to read with a large arrow showing your direction of travel (1), this turns with the road you’re on and helps to inform you of exactly when to turn.

At the top of the screen you will notice a bar which indicates how far through your journey you currently are (2). 

There is a dot around the edge of the device which informs you of the direction of your next turn (3)

The distance to that turn is counted down at the lower centre of the screen (4). You can set the distance measurement to KM or miles. When you approach a roundabout a graphic in the centre of the screen appears to tell you which exit you will be taking. On motorways or when a road splits another graphic appears in its place to tell you which side of the fork to take or that you will be taking an exit.

The screen is very clear and easy to read, even at night thanks to the backlit screen. The Beeline Moto allows glanceable navigation that blends seamlessly with your motorcycle and removes the imposing nature of a Sat-Nav and the distractions of a smartphone, allowing you to focus on what we all love - riding motorcycles!

Here's what you get in the box with your Beeline Moto!

1x Beeline Moto 1x USB Charger 1x Elastic Strap Mount 1x Sticky Pad Mount

beline moto device
USB charger for Beeline Moto
Beeline elastic universal strap mount
Beeline Moto sticky pad mount