Motogadget Instruments And Accessories

Motogadget is quite rightly *the* name in custom bike electronics. Using a Motogadget m.unit digital control unit, you can create a custom wiring loom that is easy to build, unbuild (it happens), and diagnose faults – as well as being easy to hide within your motorbike's frame tubing or behind minimalist bodywork. While the m.unit contains all the Motogadget microprocessor relays, these are also available separately should you simply want to fit a new indicator (turn signal) system or a brake light modulator. Motogadget relays are often tiny, weighing a matter of grams, so are just perfect for stripped-back shed builds where you'd like to hide the electrics as much as possible. They are also near-indestructible, which doesn't hurt, thanks to their microprocessor function that doesn't rely on contacts that could foul, or mechanical movement which can break. Other parts ideal for ground-up custom bike builds and restoration projects are the minimalist but high-performance digital dashboard instruments. Beyond electrics, the Motogadget team have also turned their expert hand to other components such as rearview mirrors. The m.view design casually does away with glass, using an incredible high-polish all-metal construction for a robust mirror that looks awesome.

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