How to avoid fake Belstaff and Barbour products

Belstaff and Barbour does not offer its merchandise through individuals, street vendors, unauthorised retail locations or internet auctions. The only way to purchase genuine Belstaff and Barbour items is through our website, official retail stores and official stockists.

Belstaff and Barbour are desirable products and therefore sadly counterfeited and distributed through a number of channels. There has been an increase in recent years of websites selling counterfeit products and has become difficult to spot the the fakes from the real deal.

Whilst we are not able to provide specifics on how to determine whether an item is a fake, we are able to offer the following advice on how to spot whether websites are genuine:

1. Visit the website ‘about us’ section and they should state whether they are an approved reseller of Belstaff and Barbour products. Many sites will say they are representative products rather than real ones.

2. Go to a content area of the website like the ‘About us’ section and check the text for spelling mistakes and grammar as often these sites are created using a translation program.

3. If there is a contact us page it is worth checking that as genuine sites will be able to prove through direct communication with you that they are selling authorised products. If the website does not give you a way of communicating directly then there is a good chance that they are selling fake products.

4. If the price that is being offered seems too good to be true, it probably is.

5. Many sites selling fake products do have a or .com address and give the impression that they are based in the UK. You can check where the website was registered by typing into your brower's address bar and entering the URL of the website.

The Cafe Racer and Scooter Wear are authorised Belstaff and Barbour retailers so you can shop with us with confidence knowing that you will be purchasing a genuine product. If you have any questions or queries please give us a call on 01273 772222 or call into our store in Hove, East Sussex where you can try on Belstaff and Barbour products for yourself.

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