Kitted Out For Winter - TCR Top Tips

Kitted Out For Winter - TCR Top Tips

Here in the UK the winter weather is really starting to kick in. We may not get the worst of it in sunny Brighton but we get enough to know that if you’re riding everyday or on a regular basis it’s worth investing in some proper winter gear. Below are some of our favourite products for making the cold and the wet a bit more bearable in the coming months.

nikwax waterproofing

New to The Cafe Racer but by no means a brand new product, Nikwax have been helping people waterproof everything from tents to boots to the roofs of convertibles for over 40 years. Throughout the last 4 decades their products have often been used by motorcyclists to gain a little extra protection from the rain. Of particular note are the visor proof and fabric / leather proof. The former is a water repellent spray that can be used on any type of visors or goggles to help them shed water a little easier. The latter is a fairly universal product that I have recently used on both leather boots and a thick fabric jacket, neither of which had any waterproofing before. Since applying the spray I have noticed a definite improvement in both: after a recent jaunt in the rain in the countryside that went on a little longer than planned (thanks to a couple of wrong turns) I was expecting to be soaked through by the time I got home but was actually relatively dry.

Rev'it Orlando waterproof jeans

Our next recommendation is a product from Rev’it, a brand synonymous with quality and functionality. If you’re getting fed up of squelching around work in soggy trousers all day and you’re in the market for waterproof motorcycle jeans you needn’t look further than the Rev’it Orlando H2O jeans. They have a Hydratex membrane that makes them fully waterproof, they’re made to fit Rev’it’s excellent SeeSmart armour which is so thin and flexible you forget it’s even there and they’re excellent value for money.

furygan caprino boot

Fingers and toes are where many of us tend to feel the chill the most when riding so our next two suggestions are aimed at these areas. Firstly, the feet: I have been wearing my pair of Furygan Caprino boots for the last 6 months or so and they’ve seen everything from sun to ice and rain and haven’t let me down yet in any conditions. They are reinforced where it matters and have D3O armour around the ankles so they’re not lacking in protection: this makes them a little bulkier than the average pair of leather boots but not to the extent that anyone would guess you were wearing proper riding boots to the pub.

furygan james all season

Again from Furygan, our next suggestion is the James D3O All Season gloves. These are a recent addition to the site but have had some very positive feedback. They are, as the name suggests, designed for all types of weather conditions and are amongst the snuggest, warmest gloves we sell, whilst still boasting classic vintage styling. They come with D3O armour and are CE certified; they are fully waterproof but also breathable; and they are touch screen friendly so you don’t even have to take them off to check the maps on your phone.

Ashley Watson Eversholt Jacket

Our last suggestion is the Ashley Watson Eversholt jacket which comes pretty close to being the perfect winter bike jacket. It is made from 8oz waxed cotton, is fully lined with Dyneema (a material 15 times stronger than steel), and has a seam-sealed breathable waterproof membrane to keep you dry and comfortable in any downpour. This jacket comes with D3O elbow and shoulder protectors and has space for a back protector which, along with the full Dyneema lining, make it one of the best performing jackets in terms of safety that we sell. The attention to detail though - the storm guards at the neck and cuff, the detachable wool collar and the expandable main pockets - is what makes this jacket ooze quality and what makes it one of our favourites.