Motorcycle Gloves

The right gloves are key to protecting yourself while out on your motorbike. It's not just a case of covering you if you take a tumble, but motorcycle gloves can also improve your control by keeping your palms dry and allowing you to maintain a secure grip while you are riding. It's not all the safety stuff of course – a great pair of gloves is definitely part of the perfect riding ensemble. We hold a wide range of styles from both established and emerging brands, in short-cuff bobber styles, 70s style quilted leather, modern textiles and everything in between. The common theme, as ever, is a tidy aesthetic along with reliable functionality. Expect to find the more traditional options from brands like Belstaff, Fuel Motorcycles and Rokker while techier offerings come from REV'IT! and John Doe. We also hold plenty of waterproof gloves for those who like to ride whatever the weather.

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