Goggles & Visors

Whether you're using a traditional full-face helmet and are after an alternative visor, or you've just picked up a retro open-face or open eye-port helmet and now need something to shield your eyes from the wind, this is the section you're looking for. Where available, we carry spare and alternative rotating visors for the helmets that we stock, e.g. Biltwell Gringo S, Nexx XG100R, Bell Bullitt. We also carry loads of 3-snap system shields and visors from various brands, that offer broadly universal fitting for those retro-style helmets that employ the snap system for shields. Bubble shields are practical, offering a broad field of vision, while also bringing a great retro flavour to any helmet. If you'd rather take on the goggle look, we stock everything from the truly vintage (Leon Jeantet Aviator goggles) through to the more modern motocross-style options from 100% and Biltwell.

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