Motorcycle Jackets

These days, there's no reason to choose between technical performance and style when shopping for a new motorcycle riding jacket. While we like to keep our collection on the good side of lookin', safety and function is an essential part of the equation. The vast majority of our motorbike jackets are fitted with armour as standard and, again, most feature modern reinforcement fabrics such as John Doe's Kevlar fibre-based XTM. We keep heritage-styled options from Belstaff, such as the inimitable Trialmaster, in addition to the quintessential cafe-style and rocker-style motorbike jackets, for men and for women. While leather and motorbikes will always go hand-in-hand, there are other options out there, such as Resurgence Gear's PEKEV-reinforced Sherpa denim jacket (a bit of a store favourite).

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